CoreFitness by Jeanelle

Jeanelle Singh, MA, CPI, PN1

Fitness and Nutrition


Jeanelle Singh started working in physical therapy after receiving her undergraduate degree in Physiology. She always had a love for sports medicine. Helping athletes, and the general public learn about physical activity and overall wellness was always in her heart. After a year of being a physical therapy aide, she became a certified Pilates instructor through Balanced Body University. It started with Pilates mat, and over the years she finished her certification for the apparatus’. She turned what she always loved into her passion and her career. Jeanelle wanted to do more, so she embarked on a Master’s of Arts in Human Services with a concentration on Health and Wellness. She believed if she was going to in, she was going to go all in. After 8 years of working in physical therapy, Jeanelle opened her own business, CoreFitness by Jeanelle. It is here, she began Pilates classes, Pilates privates, and it evolved into high intensity classes, seminars, and nutrition counseling (Precision Nutrition). Jeanelle is an evolving person, always wanting to learn new things; currently, she is working on her personal training certification with NASM. She works with student athletes at James Logan High School, trains middle school teachers after school, corporate fitness classes, as well as what she does on site at CoreFitness by Jeanelle.

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Corefitness by Jeanelle

A Strong Body Starts From A Strong Core

This is Jeanelle’s motto. How do you try to avoid back injury, sit up taller, avoid hip injury and more, have a strong core. Whether you are weight lifting or doing every day activities, it all starts from a strong core.

At CoreFitness with Jeanelle, Jeanelle wants everyone to feel comfortable coming into the space. The space is for everyone, with small group classes adding a more intimate feeling, and each client feeling like Jeanelle cares for them to get to their goal. It’s goal is not to try to fill 20-30 people in a class, but to build a rapport with each client, make sure they are comfortable, and each client know they are welcome to that space.