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Fitness and Nutrition Services


Weekly Online Fitness Program

Rates starting at $85/month

Need a little help on program designing for yourself? My program isn’t a broad program for everyone. The program is designed for your needs. What one person might be looking for, is different than the individual next to them. Whether you want high intensity, Pilates, or a mix of everything, we will cater a program for you. All you’ll need are resistance bands, a mat, physioball, a kettlebell or two, and your dumbbells of choice!

Pete and Ashlei doing Hundreds (Pilates)

Pete and Ashlei doing Hundreds (Pilates)

Push ups in a Pilates Mat class

Push ups in a Pilates Mat class


Group Classes (Pilates, HIIT, AND PHIIT)

Rates starting at $100/person(further price and schedule can be found in Pricing)

Pilates is designed to approve physical strength, flexibility, and posture. The program focuses on the core; core strengthening via Pilates mat works the shoulder girdle, hips, and the core (of course!).

Pilates Reformer is an apparatus that allows springs to either provide resistance to an exercise, or help assist with a particular exercise. You can get leg work in, arm/shoulder, back, core, and ankle work in through the reformer. The reformer, just like Pilates mat, enhances strength and flexibility.

HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) is a great way to get cardio in your workout, and strength train all at once! This is especially great for those who don’t like to run, don’t like to use or have access to a bike, elliptical, etc. Not much space is needed for HIIT either! It’s great if you need a quick cardio workout. HIIT targets all body parts while getting you sweaty!

PHIIT (Pilates High Intensity Interval Training) is getting that core workout in utilizing Pilates exercises, yet also getting a great sweat that you don’t get in a traditional Pilates mat class. I’ll add kettlebell swings, jump squats, skaters, and more in a routine, yet all the strength exercises are core work. This will definitely get your abs burning.

Online Nutrition Counseling

Often times, people don’t get nutrition help because of cost and time (there are other reasons as well). With that being said, why can’t we do this online? I am available in the weekends to meet for an in person nutrition counseling, but if online is better for you, we can do that too! Each week, a new set of meal plans will be sent to you. It will typically be sent on a Thursday or Friday and you could shop Saturday and Sunday to prepare for the week. Whether you just need to get healthier, need to lose weight, or would like to gain weight, we can help. I’ll ask a series of questions, including how much time you may have to cook; questions like this give me an idea of the type of meals you have time to cook. Eating healthy can be quick, easy, and fun!

Roasted Chicken Breast and Vegetables

Roasted Chicken Breast and Vegetables